The Studio Vlcek is the unification of two restorer workshops under the management of Julie Vlcek. Julie is primarily specializing in enamel, ceramics and porcelain. Her co-worker Pavel Vlcek is specializing in wood (& surfaces) and gilding. To meet the requirements concerning different materials, which demand special technologies, we have additional co-workers, to offer a large spectrum under one umbrella.

In practice, this means: we are for example able to restore a watch-case completely, with all materials and techniques.

In the choice of both the material and the technique we adhere to the traditional methods, which makes it possible to restore old pieces as true to original as possible, instead of renewing them completely. For example we only restore damaged gilded parts and adapt them to the original.

During 20 years of experience we have managed to develop own methods for special materials like enamel, that allow us to restore the object true to original. The same counts for painting behind glass.

If necessary, we are able to work creatively, which means, if for example a limb or the head is missing, we are able to reconstruct it, with a little luck a similar piece can be found in a catalogue and taken as a model.

If the customer wishes so, we will document the process of restoration in single steps in text and photograph.